Supportive, ambitious, fresh

An ambitious yet highly supportive and hugely positive culture

Redgrave is a dynamic, ambitious and exciting business that is entering a new phase of significant investment thus building our brand awareness and expanding our team.

We are ambitious professionals, proud of our success but even more excited about our future.

We are resolute in our plan to grow the firm, retaining our existing clients whilst cultivating new long term relationships.

As we continue to develop, we are determined to stick to our principles and protect our unique culture, our sense of purpose and our confidence that we are on the way to building the largest and the most respected independent search firm.

We believe that our approach, environment and infrastructure combine to offer an unrivalled platform for talented recruiters to maximise their potential, earnings and job satisfaction.

If you are seeking a fresh challenge, a more supportive organisation or just a change of scenery as you develop your reputation within search, we would love to talk to you.

Our culture

Our working environment is based around a results driven, energetic and hard-working culture, where everyone is respected as an individual and valued as an integral member of the collective Redgrave ‘family’.

The atmosphere is supportive, positive and ambitious – we have an incredibly flat structure which creates a real ‘one team’ environment and our platform allows people to thrive and succeed with their professional and personal lives. Unusually for a search firm, everyone at Redgrave believes that our combined success is more important than any one individual and their own achievements.

We are true to ourselves, honest with our clients and supportive to each other.

Join us

Working from a better, more supportive and more ambitious platform means you can thrive. Sounds appealing? Then we look forward to hearing from you.