Digital is the ever-evolving landscape of our time. Its relentless pace of change is both exciting and frightening.

Billion-dollar tech start-ups, or “Unicorns”, were once dismissed as fantasy, but are steadily becoming commonplace norms, underpinned by a thriving market and a new generation of disruptive technology. Their success has led to hyper-inflated valuations and, in WhatsApp’s case, a sale price of $19bn.

Our Digital Practice is passionate about this exciting and rapidly growing market place.  We concentrate on identifying the key talent in the sector who are going to shape its future.  Our network of ‘digital innovators’, who have grown up in digitally agile, dynamic organisations that are high-growth, fast-paced and demanding environments is second to none and contains the leaders of today as well as tomorrow.

Our focus on digital leadership is broad, with mandates ranging from CEOs of pure play businesses; digital advisory on a consultancy basis; and the latest additions to the C-suite table; the Chief Digital Officer and Chief Data Officer, and their direct teams.

With only 3% of the FTSE 350 having ‘digital savvy’ Boards, according to Harvard Business Review, demand for digital leadership is high. The challenge is finding it.



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